Lemon Balm Extract For Stress

Lemon Balm Extract is a natural alternative for INSTANT stress relief that Dr. Oz featured on his show  He says it is a natural alternative for Valium.

Valium works by the active ingredient, Diazepam going to the brain and bonding with powerful receptors in the brain and getting the brain to relax and feel good.

Lemon Balm Extract works exactly the same way.  The lemon balm extract goes into the brain and bonds with the same receptors and provides the same relaxation and positive feelings.

Valium is addictive prescription drug that is a sedative with side effects and major limitations on how often you can take it.

Lemon Balm Extract is natural with no side effects and you can take it up to 3 times a day.

I dropper full (about 60 drops)  in a glass of water.   You don’t need to take with water but it is strong and water will make it easier to take by diluting the taste.

The recognition of Lemon Balm Extract effectiveness for helping quell stress is growing. Nature has the answers.


Dr Oz has also recommended Lemon Balm Tea for helping you relax and sleep at night

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Lemon Balm has other benefits like for cold sores